Arriving at the airport

Kraków has a relatively small airport, with one international (T1) and one domestic terminal (T2) with the third one (T4) still under construction.


There are three recommendable ways of getting from there to the City Center:

    1. boarding a train; the best and cheapest option to get to the Central Railway Station; more information about timetables and tickets may be found here:,c70/transport-parking,c76/how-to-get-to-krakow-airport,c77/train,a1756.html
    2. hiring a taxi; considering ongoing construction works at the airport and renovation of the railway from the Kraków Airport to the Central Railway Station—this might be the best idea, we particularly recommend calling Taxi Wawel at (+48) 12 266-66-66, (+48) 800-66-66-66 or 12 1-9666 (you may ask specifically for English service and, should you need one, also the cab with a credit card reader, not all of them may be equipped with those);
    3. renting a car; a tad more expensive than cubs, but inevitable in some cases (especially during high season); since we have not tested that option on our own, we would rather suggest checking all certified rental services on beforehand on the Kraków Airport website;
    4. or last, and in this case the least, using public transport; quite unluckily, the airport is operated by so called “zonal” or “agglomeration” buses, which means that ticket prices are inversely proportional to the frequency of buses; moreover, they are now highly overcrowded because of the mentioned cancellation of the airport train.

There are 3 bus lines: 208, 292 and 902 (the latter operating at night). Since all of them head to the Central Railway Station, it is best to depart at the last stop, “Central Station: East” (“Dworzec Główny: Wschód)—which is conveniently the last one (and closest to the Old Town).

If any of these information is not sufficient for your needs, you may always use a traffic planner provided by the Kraków Aiport at its website.

Central Railway Station

Since all of those travelling to Kraków by plane or train sooner or later end up on the Central Railway Station which is one of the top local transport hubs. However, whilst it is quite easy to get in the Station, it may be a bit trickier to get out—the key to succesfully navigate through the maze of shops at the neighbouring mall (“Galeria Krakowska”) is to follow all signs directing to the Old Town and Pawia St. or to head directly to Jan Nowak Jeziorański Square (all of them labelled on the map below) bordering the junction of Lubicz, Pawia, Basztowa, and Westerplatte Sts.

Mapa komunikacyjna

Having left Jan Nowak Jeziorański Sq., one can again choose between several options:

  1. take a cab from the stand located alongside Pawia St., but it pays off only if the hotel is located outside the Old Town; if not, it is best either to:
  2. take a walk, everything in the Old Town is located in the walking distance, which can turn even a wearing quest for finding the hotel into an enjoyable sightseeing tour
  3. use public transport, primarily tramways that are quite good at bypassing gridlocks during the peak hours (approx. 7-9 A.M. and 3-5 P.M. in the City Center). All bus & trams timetables may be found on a vintage website of the Cracow Transport Company (MPK), but since we realise how Polish stop names may be confusing, we recommend using the interactive map where one can mark start and destination points by simply clicking on the desired place on the webasite JakDojadę.pl.

Getting to Villa Decius

The easiest way to get to the Villa, is to take a bus 152 which operates from the stops conveniently sorrounding the City Centre and Central Railway Station. The bus stops in the City Centre are:

  1. Dworzec Główny (Lubicz Street, just nearby the southern entrance to Jan Nowak Jeziorański Sq.)
  2. Basztowa Lot (Basztowa Street)
  3. Teatr Bagatela (Dunajewskiego Street)
  4. and Uniwersytet Jagielloński (Piłsudzkiego Street)

To arrive at the closest vicinity to the Villa, it is best to get off at Sielanka stop. Right after that, follow the Królowej Jadwigi Street, passing by Berbysowa Street on your left, and turn left into 18 lipca 1943 [28th July 1943] Street,  which will lead you up the hill to the bridge leading to the gates of Villa Decius. If you encounter any troubles, please call us at (+48) 694 019 440.

The Old Town
Since The Historic Centre of Kraków is under a strict preservation in accordance with The UNESCO World Heritage List, there is no public transport or high car traffic inside the borders of The Planty Park, encircling The Old Town since when the City Walls were demolished in the 19th c. Therefore, having been accommodated in one of the Old Town’s hotels, it is particularly difficult to find a parking place which is yet another argument against renting a car in Kraków.

All important turist information points may be found on the website InfoKraków and in the local turist information points. It is particularly worthwhile to visit the information point at Plac Wszystkich Świętych (All Saints Sq.) for it usually has a good access to all news about currently organised concerts, festivals, and numerous cultural events that have always been a flagship of the city.


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