Venue Maius

The Collegium Maius
The symposium will take place in the eldest (dating back to the 14th century) Jagiellonian University buildings, Collegium Maius, located in the heart of the historical university district in Kraków (2 mins walking distance from the Main Square).

The history of the Collegium Maius can be traced back to the year 1400 when King Władysław Jagiełło donated this tenement house to the university. The Collegium Maius is an exceptional conference venue for its dual function as the University Museum (having rich collections of historical paitings, e.g. by Koninck, Delacroix, Mehoffer, Malczewski or Massys, and scientific instruments, including the famous Globus Jagiellonicus, being the first one globe to show both Americas) and a fully operational conference center with Michał Bobrzyński Room (for details see below), The Jagiellonian Auditorium, now used for hosting honorary doctorate ceremonies, old University Library (Libraria), The Common Room (Stuba Communis), and renovated basements housing contemporary art exhibitions (often organised by Jagiellonian University students) and a cafe.

The conference room
Since there will be no parallel sessions, all panels are to be held in Michał Bobrzyński Room, located on the 2nd floor in the northern wing of the Collegium Maius. To reach the room one should enter the Collegium Maius from Jagiellońska St. eastern entrance, then head left, crossing the courtyard, and enter the northern wing just to immediately turn right into the staircase and take the stairs to the 2nd level (for a detailed route please see the picture below).

Collegium Maius Map
Collegium Maius courtyard:
A – the main eastern entrance from Jagiellońska St.
B – the northern wing and the staircase
C – the entrance to the basements and cafe
D – Museum’s Offices and Secretariat
E – Museum Entrance

Michał Bobrzyński Room is equipped with wireless microphone and multiphones, one multimedia projector along with Windows 7 operated laptop, a decent sound system, and an oldschool flipchart. Note: Mac users are kindly asked to bring all the necessary adapters or their own devices at best as the organisers will not be able to provide them on the spot.


Coffee breaks
All coffee breaks will be held in the local cafe “U Pęcherza”, located in basements of the Collegium Maius.


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