Call for papers

The way to heaven is the same from all places
Thomas More, Libellus vere aureus

Conference overview

500 years ago sir Thomas More published the first edition of De Optimo Rei­publicæ Statu deque nova Insula Utopia which inspired innumerable authors who described utopias of their own. A plethora of multimedia contributions to a newly born genre followed encouraging not only writers but also social dreamers and reformers to seek for newer and newer utopian ideas and solutions. Without More’s Utopia there would be no utopian tradition, ranging from early modern voyages imaginaires or robinsonades to young adult dystopias, ecotopias, or postapocalyptic narratives of the present day. And so, in order to commemorate this momentous anniversary, we would like to invite utopian and dystopian scholars from all over the world to share their thoughts on the evolution of utopian and dystopian narratives in different media, during the 3rd special edition of His Master’s Voice conference initiative—which will revolve around:

  1. Utopian thought from 1516 to 2016;
  2. History and theory of utopia and dystopia.
  3. Representations of utopias and dystopias in:
    1. literature;
    2. cinema and television;
    3. video games;
    4. graphic novels;
    5. animations & anime;
    6. art;
    7. architecture;
    8. music;
    9. transmedial narratives;
    10. popular culture.
  4. Utopia and dystopia retold, reimagined, or renarrated.
  5. Utopian and dystopian genres and conventions: voyage imaginaire, robinsonade, young adult dystopia, ecotopia, postapocalyse, cyberpunk and many others.
  6. Utopias and dystopias in philosophy, sociology, economy, and cultural theory.
  7. Current research in utopian and dystopian studies.

We would also like to organise additional sessions dedicated to interdisciplinary and comparative studies on Thomas More’s Utopia.

Confirmed keynote speakers

Gregory Claeys (Royal Holloway, Great Britain), Artur Blaim (University of Gdańsk) and Ludmiła Gruszewska-Blaim (University of Gdańsk). More information here.

Registration, submissions & fees

The conference languages are English and Polish. 600-words abstracts featuring (1) the title of presentation, (2) a concise bio-note, (3) current affiliation, and (4) all necessary contact information (official email address and, optionally, phone number) should be sent by January 30th 2016 to Successful applicants will be notified two weeks after the deadline.

Attendees are also encouraged to send us full panel proposals composed of (1) abstracts from a minimum number of 4 delegates, (2) up to 600 words description of the panel, (3) a suggested title of the panel and, most importantly, (4) email addresses of all delegates included in the proposed panel.

The conference fee of 150€ (125€ for students) covers conference materials, catering (coffee breaks, lunches and wine reception) and all other essentials, but does not include accommodation.

More info

Further details regarding the venue, suggested accommodation and transportation will be continuously updated at the website Organisers do welcome all questions and requests at

The conference will be followed by a peer-reviewed monograph, published by Facta Ficta Research Centre and licenced under Creative Commons 4.0 as an ebook stored in a globally accessible repository (CeON Center for Open Science) and / or in peer-reviewed special editions of renowned scholarly journals.

We look forward to seeing you in Kraków!

The Organising Committee

Prof. Zbigniew Pasek, PhD (University of Science and Technology in Kraków)
Prof. Andrzej Juszczyk, PhD (Jagiellonian University in Kraków)
Krzysztof M. Maj, MA (chief co-ordinator, Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Facta Ficta Research Centre)
Ksenia Olkusz, PhD (co-ordinator, Facta Ficta Research Centre)
Michał Kłosiński, PhD (University of Silesia in Katowice)

2 thoughts on “Call for papers

    • No problem at all, if you want to submit an abstract and present the paper related to the conference scope, please contact us at hismastersvoiceconferen­ If you however wish to attend the conference not as a speaker, but a guest, we are sorry to inform that due to our limited space in the conference room we will only be able to host the attendees with presentations… Nevertheless, we do encourage you to visit our website since we plan to announce two keynote lectures, opened to much broader an audience.


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