How To Increase Your TOEIC Score?

EF Education First unveils its astonishing figures for 2019 from the ninth edition of its international ranking of the level of English language . The level of the French is on the rise! Well, nothing to get carried away, since we go from 35th to 31st place. However, it is gratifying to see that more and more people are realizing the importance of this language and the springboard it represents in the professional world . Whether it is to develop your career , retrain or prepare for an expatriation, professional English is an invaluable asset for your application .Want to take the test and make sure you get the best TOEIC score possible? Have you already passed it, but your result is not sufficient? Find out how to increase your TOEIC score and thus improve your employability .

How to increase your TOEIC score to improve your employability

How to increase your TOEIC score? This is a recurring question when we have already passed this test and the result obtained does not suit us. As a reminder, this certification is a test designed to assess mastery of the English language. He certifies proficiency in professional English with a score that attests to his language level. This certification is official and recognized in many countries, which improves its employability and mobility on a national and international level.

Obtaining a good result during this test is particularly interesting since it is very appreciated and used by recruiters. Indeed, the “Business English” orientation of the test allows companies to objectively compare the level of two candidates with similar profiles. Passing the TOEIC and certifying your level of English is therefore a major advantage in interviewing to strengthen your employability. However, the score you get will inevitably determine your effectiveness in standing out from other applicants. The higher your result, the less chance you have for your competitors to seize a job opportunity for you. That’s why you should do everything to get the best TOEIC score.

English level, score, how does it work? 

Want to get the best TOEIC score possible? Do you want to optimize your chances of achieving the highest level of professional English? You are in the right place. So, how can you increase your TOEIC score? First of all, it is necessary to understand how the scale works, here are the results to be achieved in detail to validate the different levels of English level.

The certification is assessed on the basis of a number of points obtained by the candidate. The English score achieved allows you to reach a level of English regulated by the CEFR (European Framework of Reference for Languages).

The TOEIC Listening and Reading , assessed on a total of 990 points, is defined as follows:

Level C2 is the last level of English language proficiency according to the CEFR. However, the test does not make it possible to obtain a level C2. People who have this last level are often native speakers and have a perfect command of English. Very few French people have this level and few structures require such a level of professional English. To give you an idea, higher education establishments require a score of at least 785 points, i.e. level B2, to access the various training courses. Companies generally require a score between 800 and 850 to work efficiently and communicate easily with English speakers (customers, suppliers, colleagues).

The best way to improve your employability with a well-rounded CV and to hit the mark with recruiters is to succeed in obtaining level C1. If you can’t do it, don’t be discouraged. You can retake the test and increase your TOEIC score to do better next time. The most important thing is to get the best TOEIC score according to your abilities. It must be representative of your level of professional English.